My Woodworking

I’ve been working on learning to woodwork since 2021. Here’s some of my creations in more-or-less chronological order:

Sectional Couch

My friend wanted a very specific couch, so we made a simple frame, bought/scavenged some upholstery materials and sewed a cover.


Outdoor Table

Designs from I would definitely recommend the courses on his site for introductory projects. They’re laid out in a great progressive style that doesn’t require a million different tools to complete projects. I ended up scaling this up quite a bit to cover a fire pit in my backyard when it’s not in use.

Bonsai Bench

I need to dig up a finished project picture, but it’s currently outside with some bonsai trees on it. Designs from

Paper Holder

My first real excuse to buy some hardwood from the fancy hardware place down the street! This was canary wood and white oak.

Washi Tape Boxes

These were a request from my girlfriend for something to store her washi tape in (basically like fancy decorative tapes). Good excuse to try out using a box joint jig for the first time.

Drill Cabinet

Designs from

Bonsai Table

Designs (slightly) modified from:

Sanding Stuff Organizer

Design from (It’s the one on the left here)

Wood wall organizer

Again from

Ring Box

I made a tiny walnut box to hold a ring. I actually made one very glaring mistake and turned it into a design element. I made a jig for the tablesaw to make 45° cuts clean and easy.

Tiny Library

I designed this with sketchup and then spent a long while building it. I’d designed something with some tricky new things to figure out (like a waterproof top).

Wood scrap organizer shelves

I designed this one myself with pencil/paper. I think used to plan out the plywood cuts. One lesson learned here is that I have to be better at accounting for the depth of my dado cuts when planning for the cuts I need. I mostly got it right, but ended up with one section that was too short and had to recut to get a shelf to fit.