My Music

It’s not much, but it’s mine

I’ve been making music in some sense for since I was a kid. I spend about 15 years training as a classical / operatic singer in high-school, college, then post-college. I never pursued it as a career, but have performed with a number of choral and a capella groups and in a handful for musical and opera performances.

I started trying to learn more about composition and music writing in 2020, and have been working trying to create some finished pieces. They’re certainly rough, but that’s part of the learning process.


Ballad of Country Folk

This sound started as a joke prompt to make a song that would fit into a fictional ‘aggro-cow-tronica’ genre. I’m pretty happy with it though.

Forest Passage

I made this as part of a challege with some friends where we all started from the same prompt (a picture) and made songs over a couple-month period.

Dark Planet

This was the 2nd track I made while learning Ableton. I particularly like the beginning. I think it would fit in an 80’s movie about the dystopian future.

Carry On

I spent a long time on this song, trying to improve my mixing and sound selection skills. I went through a lot of iterations and it’s not perfect, but I can hear the skill improvement.

Olvido (a tango)

I made this track right after Dark Planet. I spent many years of my life learning to Tango, so thought it would be fun to try to create something I could Tango to. Jury is out on that one.