My Bonsai

I’m not particularly skilled at Bonsai, as you’ll note from my collection below, but I’m learning. It’s a fun combination of biology, aesthetics, and patience. Below are some of my current trees in training.

Grewia Occidentalis

Acquired 2020 – Lavender Star Flower

I bought two of these in 2020 from for $25 each. They’ve been a bit challenging as they need a lot of sunlight and water, in comparison to some of my other trees.

These are still young and probably need some years of just thickening the trunks before I try to do too much shaping and repot them into bonsai pots.


Acquired 2017

This one was the first bonsai where I started to think about shaping and do some intentional pruning. It nearly died after I went on vacation and a friend forgot to water it. I’ve had some trouble getting the top to grow vigorously since then, but it’s a work in progress.

This picture is from a repotting in 2021. I should have done it earlier, as the solid it was in as not conducive to good root development. Fingers crossed the new bonsai soil it’s in works out.

Schefflera arboricola

Acquired 1999 – Hawaiian Umbrella Tree

This is my oldest bonsai, but other than keeping it alive, I haven’t done much with it. It almost died in 2020 (likely due to not getting any fertilizer for years). Luckily this brush with near-death also triggered me deciding to actually learn more about how to grow and take care of bonsai trees.

I recently took a cutting from this one to propagate more of them, so we’ll see where that goes.

P. Afra

Acquired 2020 from cutting

I cut some small bits off of one of these that grew in my neighborhood and have been growing two of them since. Front what I gather they’re really easy bonsai as they can tolerate pruning, repotting, and not getting enough water very well.

Mine are currently in the grow phase. Maybe in another year or two I’ll put them in bonsai pots.


Acquired 2020

I’m planning on keeping this tree in this small pot and growing it as a Mame style (less than 6″). It’s currently double-potted to allow for more temporary root growth (into the second pot) and hopefully thicken the trunk, while not allowing the roots to grow in such a way that the smaller pot become infeasible.


Acquired 2020

The trunk on this one isn’t how I would have designed it, but I love to green of the leaves. This has been a really easy plan to care for also. Low-drama, I’d say.